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Beating Blue Monday with

Visma | Onguard 

Hello participant, 


We are beyond excited that you have decided to join us in Beating Blue Monday by signing up for our active sports challenge! On this page, we will provide you with some practical information on the schedule of the coming weeks and how to register for the ones you would like to participate in.


Beating Blue Monday with STRAVA

Blue Monday refers to the most depressing day of the year. Did your planned New Year’s resolutions already fail? Did the Dry January challenge only last for a week? And did you stop going to the gym after only two days? Let us help you out a bit here! Visma | Onguard wants to support you in both your physical and mental health. Get your (dusty) sports gear out of your closet, prepare your running shoes, and most importantly: download the STRAVA app. STRAVA is used to track exercises, which also enables users to share their achievements with their network. For this challenge, we have created our very own in-app Blue Monday club for you to join.



In this way, you can keep track of your own workout progress and see how the other participants are doing. As a nice addition: you can check your (and others’) rankings, which we definitely encourage you to do, since there will be very cool prizes handed out at the end! 


How do you make your way to the top? Join us in the events + log your exercise hours!


Win nice prizes!

On the event page, you can already take a look at the schedule for the coming weeks. Join our running workshop, stretch your legs and back during one of our yoga sessions, or get beyond sweaty in one of our high-intensity bootcamp trainings. Would you like to join one or more of our sessions? Click on the button below and choose your session(s). 


We wish you a fit and healthy beginning of 2022! Don’t let Blue Monday get you down!  


Kind regards, 

Team Visma | Onguard 

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